Politics: work harder and retire early


Former President Siyad Barre of Somalia (courtsey of Google, indepthAfrica)

As a keen observer of politicians, and specially those who leave behind positive and lasting legacy, I found out that their secret lies in working harder for their vision during their first and /or second term (s) and when that is done, they consistently choose to retire early even if their respective constitutions allow them for a re-run.

Most politicians/leaders who opted to stay in power too long would definitely end up in total failure and popular condemnation as shown in history consistently time again and again.

History also shows that those who do good work and retire early in their younger ages, have the potential to return to leadership with the accompanying value-added political skills and maturity.


Former President Aden Abdulle Osman of Somalia(courtsey of Google)

In the case of political leadership in developing countries, the immediate families can be both the main source of their failures and successes and in most cases, it is the family that brings a leader’s downfall and disgrace.


Former President Jerry Rawllings of Ghana (courtsey of Ghana Web)

The sooner a politician with a favourable rating leaves office, the better and positive legacy he or she leaves behind.

Former President Siyad Barre of Somalia (courtsey of Google)


Former Leader of Libyan Jamahiriya (courtsey of Google)


Former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt (courtsey of wikipedia


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