Nationalism and ‘religious obligation’ sending Canadian youth to join overseas terrorist organizations

Global News

TORONTO – The allure of fighting for a cause steeped in religious obligation is one of the reasons why more and more North American youth are choosing to join terrorist organizations overseas, says Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, a Canadian man who says he once fought alongside Al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia.

Mohamed was working for Somalia’s government in 2006. He joined Al-Shabaab on the battlefield after the government was toppled and he found himself in a war against the Ethiopian army.

During a Global News live blog discussion on why North Americans choose to join terrorist organizations abroad, Mohamed explained that the horror of Muslim people being massacred is, for some, a decisive factor.

“It says in the Quran, ‘A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim’, therefore they believe they ‘owe’ a duty of care to defend the rights of ‘oppressed Muslims’, and if you die walking that…

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