RCMP investigate allegations Somalia suicide bomber was Canadian

National Post | News

TORONTO—The RCMP is looking into whether one of the suicide bombers who struck in the Somali capital Mogadishu on the weekend was a Canadian citizen.

“We cannot provide specific details but are working with relevant domestic and international partners to gather information,” Sgt. Greg Cox, an RCMP media relations officer, said Monday.

A half-dozen terrorists detonated suicide vests at the Mogadishu court complex on Sunday, killing 29 and injuring 58. A car bomb also exploded near the national airport.

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The armed Islamist group Al Shabab claimed responsibility for the killings on Twitter, writing that the attack showed “there is no safe haven for apostates in Mogadishu!”

The Somali Prime Minister, Abdi Farah Shirdon, said in a statement he was concerned about “foreign involvement” in the attack but said it would not derail the African nation’s progress.

According to an official, there are indications one of the attackers was…

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