70 Years Later, German Prosecutors to Hold Nazi Death Camp Guards to Account

Sooner or later justice will be served-if not on earth during one’s lifetime, then at other external world.


The events of the Holocaust nearly seven decades ago are starting to fade from living memory, but the wheels of justice are still turning.

Der Spiegel reports that Germany’s Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes has obtained a list of 50 former Auschwitz guards from the museum at the Auschwitz memorial site. The department is also tracing guards at other death camps in a late — and possibly final — push to bring the surviving perpetrators of the Holocaust to justice.

Before trials of those identified on the list can begin, however, the Central Office will have to find out which, if any, are still fit to stand trial. All of those identified on the list are in their 90s, Kurt Schrimm, the head of the Central Office told Der Spiegel.

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Schrimm and his colleagues have been able to broaden the…

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