Tumblr of the Week: Obama is Checking Your Email


Lots of people freaked out over the news of the government’s internet surveillance program, known by the handy little moniker PRISM. But luckily, someone saw the opportunity for a dash of humor in what’s otherwise a probably-not-really-that-funny situation. Behold, NewsFeed’s favorite new Tumblr, with a rather simple premise: Obama is checking your email.

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Launched Sunday, this parody Tumblr rounds up photos of the Commander in Chief hunching over laptops, squinting at smartphones and gazing at desktop monitors. And in many of these images, what he’s reading appears to be quite funny. In other words, the President is reading your emails, and he’s quite amused. But make no mistake: it’s not just us common folk who the POTUS is monitoring. Nobody’s immune — not even Obama’s loyal sidekick, Joe Biden.

So when you write your next email, remember:…

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