Leaked video of Stephen Harper’s comedic impressions of Mulroney, Manning couldn’t come at a better time

National Post | News

A leaked video of the notoriously straight-laced Stephen Harper has surfaced on YouTube, showing the prime minister performing not-terrible comedic impressions of former conservative leaders including Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney and Preston Manning.

Harper’s wife Laureen and his teenage son Benjamin are also featured prominently in the video, which appears to be a warm-up prior to Harper’s victory speech in Calgary the night of the May 3, 2011 federal election.

The Harpers’ loose, jokey relations with each other could prove to be jarring to the perceptions of many Canadians, as Stephen Harper’s lasting familial image may still be the infamous handshake he gave his kids in 2006 on his first day as prime minister.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by “Steve Harper” early Wednesday morning and commenters were quick to pounce on the timing, with its release coming amid the worst political crisis of Harper’s time in 24 Sussex.

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