Your Identity Is Worth $5 on the Black Market


Hackers have access to your data, and they’re selling it for only $5, according to an article in GigaOm.

You enter a great deal of information about yourself online every day. Whether you’re inputting your credit card information on a site like Amazon, verifying an account with your social security number or simply checking your Twitter feed, you’re exposing yourself to hackers. All your online information can be bundled and sold on the black market.

Think that your credit card number, social security number, expiration date and mother’s maiden name would be worth thousands to someone trying to steal your identity? Think again. Such “fulls”—a single package with all the aforementioned information—sell for only $4 or $5 per victim.

But according to cyber security experts at RSA, the security division of EMC, financial information isn’t the only thing hackers are mining from your web activity. Stealing social media accounts…

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