Kenya terrorist attack’s chaotic first moments captured in amateur video

National Post | News

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As Kenya’s president announced its military had “shamed and defeated our attackers” in Niarobi, dramatic video emerged of the first moments of the terrorist attack that killed 67 in an upscale mall.

The cellphone video shows shoppers scrambling through the aisles of a grocery story as gunshots ring out in the mall.

“What’s happening?” one woman asks.

“…Don’t go out,” she says between gunshots as the cameraman films from a crouching position.

The scene in the store is one of confusion — patrons watch curiously, but don’t seem to realize the scale of the carnage that’s about to play out in the mall.

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The final shots of the video show men in a stairwell looking anxiously through the window of a metal door.

On Tuesday, president Kenyatta said the attack had left 240 casualties, including 61 dead…

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