Will President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud Get Lucky This Time?

Reliable news sources now indicate that the Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, had the opportunity to hold a position of responsibility in three private businesses separately in different times in South-Central Somalia under the protégé of a few loyal friends (Farah Abdulkadir being the foremost). The former Executive-turned Head of State abysmally failed in his resposibilties in each of these interprises (Barakat Telecommunications, CRD NGO and lastly the misappropriated public institution of SIDAM-lately renamed SIMAD for the loot). Still, his loyal friends ganged up to push him for the Somali Presidency because of his tribal card in Mogadishu for a possible success. They got extremely lucky at their shot because of the irreconcilable personal and political differences that existed at that time between the TFG Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, Sharif Hassan and Abdiweli Gas. He got elected the President of Somalia.

Hassan Mohamoud, having badly failed in all his previous undertakings, may now get lucky to run a country successfully on the path to Federalism and respect for the Rule of Law!?

No wonder that Somalia has finally got a state of the union that has no head and tail to look at and a difficult and confused situation to sort things out.


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