On the current situation of Puntland, it is important to note that when an organization, a business enterprise, or a country does not expand socially, organizationally, economically, or politically, it means something is going to happen to it. In other words, the entity is shrinking and imploding with all the problems that may entail. The rule: Either you make things happen, or things will happen to you, aptly apply here.

When countries don’t expand by embracing changes for progress at highest level possible, better life for its citizens and readily compete regionally and globally, they slowly die like Greece because others would make decisions to change for them.

This is exactly what was happening to Puntland. Galmudugh and Khaatumo are things that happened to Puntland because of its multifaceted and prolonged stagnation.

One of the major contributors to this implosion and chronic paralysis of Puntland is its politically sanctioned  primative system of governance, whereby only a few participate in the political process;  whereby the Parliament and the Judiciary are rubber stamp of the President; whereby the Tradional Leadership is manipulated, divided and even some corrupted,  and whereby every incoming President promises changes for multi-party electoral system, but never honours his election pledges for meaningful changes.

The 2nd major challenge is the seemingly established sub-clan dominated political elite in Garowe, who clings to the status quo and resists any political changes. This includes the so-called “AARAN JAAN” grouping. Every time every past leader got away with this open public deception with impunity. No Puntland leader minds leaving viable institutions behind.

No wonder Puntland now finds itself politically cornered, economically squeezed and its unity, peace, and I would rather add, its very survival at stake.


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