Wax Burso Wax Beel Bay Leedahay

When Mohamed Warsame Ali “Kiimiko,” then the self-proclaimed President of the entity seeking recognition of Galmudugh, came to visit the Late President of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, Abdullahi Yusuf, in Baydhabo in early 2006, the Later asked Kiimiko about the composition and boundaries of Galmudugh. Kiimiko could not deliver a satisfactory answer. Abdullahi Yusuf then told Kiimiko to first get the answer to this question and come back to see him again.

The Somali Saying, “Wax Burso Wax Beel Bay Leedahay”, aptly apply here. Instead of lobbying for Hiraan and Middle Shabeelle inclusion, the visionaries of Galmudugh had come up with the idea to found it on mirage, dream and fantasy. It was a concept built on provocation, in the first place. This reminds us of Ismail Mire’s “Ragoow Kibirka Waa Lagu Kufaa ee kaa Hala Ogaado”.

Despite the fanfare in Cadaado and Mogadishu about the “Election” of a key Damul Jadiid member as the “president” of that Utopian Regional State of Galmudugh, it appears to me that the idea behind the formation of “Galmudugh” have suffered an irreversible damage. It will take some time to get a viable entity out of this mess. It is vital and in the best interest of Somalia to get a workable federal state in Central Somalia, but one based on the provisions of the Federal Constitution, not fraudulent imposition and new territorial grab.

It is not enough for Puntland only to refuse the recognition of Galmudugh because of border disputes and violation of the Federal Constitution. Puntland’s interest lies in helping people of Central Somalia form a workable state, and Puntland thus acts as a leader in re-establishing a nation-state.


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