What do Ali Mahdi, Hussein Bood, Mohamed Dheere, Suudi Yalaxow, Nur Cadde, Sharif Ahmed, and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud have all in common politically other than hailing from one clan family?

They all had had bitter experience, in one way or the other, with General Caydiid’s experiment in Somalia’s Civil War. All believed psychologically that if the Family Clan of Caydiid recognizes their leadership, the rest of Somalia does not count.

I have named this the Kaaraan syndrome of the Civil War. Every major conflict of such magnitude has similar psychological impact on its participants. Look back at recent stories about these men,  and you would find ample examples and cases in point on golden politiical opportunities blindly missed, miscalcuted, or mismanaged.

Each of the above men had been misled by this fallacy and fallen down as a result. This is based on my personal observation on events in South-Central Somalia since 1997.


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