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By actors, I mean those state and non-state stakeholders, who have immediate and direct interests in the future and fate of Somalia as to whether that nation may rise up again as a nation-state, or doomed for ever as a “bunch of tribes”,  to borrow Emperor Haile-Selassie ‘s characterization of Somalia’s aspiration for a statehood.

A few years ago I authored an article called Somalia,  Foreign Aid and International Conspiracy. The article, published in Wardheernews, reflected on my personal experience.

Since then, Somalia, or rather the failed state of Somalia and observers alike have been watching tremendous number of entities of international actors involved in the affairs of that country and acting as centrifugal and centripetal forces as Somalia turns round one curve to the other. These foreign actors helped form one  Somali government  after the other without much guidance and leaving each one to its own device, leading each…

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