Mine Mother, Mind Enemy

The Mind of RD REVILO

  • You Like To Win
  • You’re a competitor
  • Oh my, where do Ibegin
  • I’m ahead of ya’
  • You are being held back
  • From The End
  • Life, limited, restricted
  • Did living begin
  • Hundreds of millions competing
  • Only one won
  • Who started the completing
  • Although the experience is fleeting
  • Mother Nature aborted
  • A mature fetus
  • Mother comforted
  • To become as oneof us
  • At one with us
  • Yet in The Race
  • The faster wins
  • When The End ends
  • But what if technology
  • Can make you fastest
  • Evolving beyondNature’s capability
  • With a chip implant
  • Like sperm to the infant
  • You grow and grow
  • Making Nature seem weak, slow
  • Stronger and stronger
  • Your begins shorter
  • Your ends long, longer
  • Yet your DNA, trapped by recidivism
  • As Nature regenerates
  • Back into what you become to hate
  • Requiring an injection or a periodic pill
  • Thus, free-less, subject to The Giver’swill
  • Mother Nature let it…

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