September 9/11 was a turning point for the sustainability of Western Democracy as we were made to believe it, as far as civil liberties and human rights are concerned. Since that infamous date in which thousands of innocent hard working civilian lost their lives, Western Democracies led by USA entered the world of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld, a world of repressive regimes, whereby McCarthyism would be insignificant in comparison.

Since 9/11, a number of major terror attacks took place in some Western countries, Russia, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. There is a public outcry in Western countries whenever these horrendous crimes happen in their own respective nations. The world, unfortunately however, is insensitive to the plight of Somalis where the terror attacks of the magnitudes of 9/11 in New York, Bataclan Theatre and Stade de France stadium in Paris are daily occurrences in Mogadishu, Somalia. The daily bomb-blasts and mass-killings of innocent civilians in that unfortunate country rarely make to the news headlines. It is quite obvious, by someone’s measures and cultural values, that Somali lives are cheaper than their counter-parts in Western World.

But, no country, as result of 9/11 Attack, had the impact of the deterioration of civil liberties as the United States of America. The bombing of Spanish Train in 2004, the terror attack of London Underground of July 7, 2005 and Charlie Hebdo Shooting of January 7, 2015  in Paris did not have the kind of fall-out and negative impact of 9/11 on civil liberties and human rights.

As one watches the various public security measures introduced by Western states in their reactions to counter terror attacks, one would be tempted to contemplate about the communist theory that any government, no matter what form, is a repressive tool by nature and design that will disappear only when humanity reaches the stage of communism.

Now that other major terrorist attacks took place in Paris with the loss of more than one hundred innocent persons, France is at cross-roads of deciding whether it would a free country with its laws of civil liberties respected. It would be interesting to watch how things would evolve there in the next few weeks, months and years, and the impact of its policies will have on other nations in the region and beyond.

By Ismail H. Warsame


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