Galkayo, Somalia, November 29, 2015-It could be quite alarming for Puntland State unity, good news for the Federal Government of Somalia, God-sent opportunity for Galmudugh, and uncertainty for all concerned.

There is an objective and order in the recent security chaos and unprovoked violence in the City. The shelling and bombardment of a relative peaceful city have set in motion a chain of reactions that definitely raises the matter on the future of Galkayo, in particular, and Mudugh, in general. The multiple, high-level and huge Federal and Regional delegations to the City are certainly quite obvious to the intelligent and cannot mask the objectives of these missions. The City of Galkayo is ear-marked as a target for take-over, whoever its New Owner would be: Galmudugh via the Federal Government or Federal Government via UN/AMISOM . Whatever the outcome of these missions, this city will never be the same again. Who is handy there today in these missions? Somalia’s Minister of Defence, Dini? Federal Minister of Interior, Odawaa?; The Federal Head of Government, Omar Abdirashid sharma’arke? Sharif Hassan of South-West State of Somalia? Ahmed Madoobe of Jubaland? Are you sure they are all flying in with the sole purpose of restoring law-and-order in Galkayo? Soon it will be obvious to all.

Here is a chain of developments that shook the City to its core within the course of last week:

  1. Sunday morning, November 22, 2015, It all started with the City suddenly under attack with heavy bombardment aimed at unsuspecting civilians and properties, resulting massive casualties. Galmudugh and Baraxley later explained their attack as opposition to the construction of a road, which was not even planned to pass through baraxley, their Southern quarter of the city, but via Western quarter of Northern Galkayo, the Garsoor.
  1. Massive flight and displacement of panic-stricken residents followed as a result. Business, public services, schools came to a standstill. Shortages of food and drinking water came to bite those still remaining in the city.
  1. It took a week for Puntland President, Abdiweli Gas, to respond to this unprovoked aggression against the civilian residents of Galkayo, and when he finally did, it was too late. The Galmudugh militia got away with the heinous crime against humanity.
  1. Suddenly, the conflict attracted an intensive national and international attention, enhanced by a flood of high-level Federal and regional delegations and missions unprecedented in the entire history of Galkayo. It would be quite fascinating to watch the deliberations and outcome of these missions. I think the fate of Galkayo will be decided during the course of the next few days, weeks and months. But, one thing is sure; the residents of Galkayo are on their own for survival from now on.

By Ismail Warsame




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