I am not your leader to warrant this message. Obviously, I am not an important person in your lives either. I am just an ordinary Somali, who is worried as you are about the state of affairs of our country. I, however, strongly believe that every Somali person is important to make a difference in putting Somalia back on its feet again. As a student of Somali history and politics, I simply want to share my heart-breaking feeling and pain you too are experiencing with the uncertainties and worries about the destiny of our country.

Many of us are not aware of the urgency of the matter. There are reasons for this civic passivity:

  1. The bulk of our population is young and politically unconscious
  2. The old guard involved in the Civil War is still alive and active in Somali politics. They are trying to maintain the status quo to avoid accountability for their role and actions.
  3. Corruption, illegalities and tax evasion play a major part in maintaining the status of doing business as usual.
  4. Religious distortion as a tool for mayhem and meaningless maiming of the innocent and indiscriminate destruction of all is the new evil and everyday act of the biggest Satan in Somalia nowadays.
  5. Failure to locate and elect competent, corruption-free and visionary leaders is the core problem and single most important obstacle to restore and re-construct Somalia as a viable state again.
  6. The vicious cycle of donor aid dependency exacerbates the national despair that put the survival of Somalia as an independent country into a never ceasing question.
  7. Many of us have forgotten already what does it mean to be a foreign-occupied Capital City. Shame!

This year, 2017, starts with a prayer to Allah, hope for Somalia’s recovery and a beginning of a process of national reconnaissance. The New House of People and the Chamber of Federation have historic challenges and daunting responsibilities to break away from the recent past in Somali chaotic mismanagement of national affairs, mal-administration and misrule.

Hopeful of Allah’s mercy for Somalia and confident that people’s prayers will be answered positively, I send a message of goodwill to all.

Ismail Warsame

Email: ismailwarsame@gmail.com

Twitter: @ismailwarsame


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