“Dad, but where is the government?”

That was a troubling question by a Somali kid to his dad in the year 2004 at Mogadishu Airport. A splinter group of then Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP) members led by former Speaker, Shariif Hassan Adan, left Nairobi, Kenya, for Mogadishu. Their mission? To undermine the newly formed Somali Government (TFG) by preventing it from establishing itself in the country, and Mogadishu, in particular.

The boy, who asked his dad the strange question went with his father to the Airport for the “welcoming ceremony” for the rebel faction of TFP. The sad thing about this true story is the kid had no idea, or image about what a government look like. He saw only persons coming down from the airplane. Finally, the little boy, very disappointed, asked: “Dad, but where is the government?”

Think of Mogadishu situation in 2004 after decades of power vacuum and absence of institutions of governance as the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) was then just formed.


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