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Are there political lessons and experience for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud (HSM) and others to learn from the failures of 2012-2016/2017 Somali Presidency?

HSM came to power with a popular applause and high expectation from his ascent to the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Somalia. That popular support and unrealistic people’s expectations faded within the first year of his four-year mandate? The question is why did that happen so fast?

To answer that question, I believe there is a combination of many factors that led to the failure of President’s moral authority to govern. In my opinion, some are more critical than others in harming President’s operations and performance irreparably. These include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Rampant Corruption
  2. Lack of, or, poor management of popular high expectation
  3. Huge political capital spent on resisting and fighting the creation of Jubaland Regional Administration and later, propping up and supporting…

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Are there political lessons and experience for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud (HSM) and others to learn from the failures of 2012-2016/2017 Somali Presidency? HSM came to power with a popular app…



Are there political lessons and experience for President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud (HSM) and others to learn from the failures of 2012-2016/2017 Somali Presidency?

HSM came to power with a popular applause with high expectations from his ascent to the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Somalia. That popular support and unrealistic people’s expectations faded within the first year of his four-year mandate? The question is why did that happen so fast?

To answer that question, I believe there is a combination of many factors that led to the failure of President’s moral authority to govern. In my opinion, some are more critical than others in harming President’s operations and performance irreparably. These include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Rampant Corruption
  2. Lack of, or, poor management of high popular expectations
  3. Huge political capital spent on resisting and fighting the creation of Jubaland Regional Administration and later, propping up and supporting Galmudugh Administration that didn’t meet and satisfy the basic Constitutional requirement and lately, imposing HirShabelle Administration coercively, while in the process of doing all these, ignored all understanding and agreements the Federal Government entered into with Puntland Administration over the years. That way, the President had lost the ability to act as a fair and honest broker in resolving conflicting clan and regional contradictions.
  4. President’s self-denial of the legacy of the Civil War and enormous pain suffered by the masses, ignoring calls for national healing and nationwide reconciliation.
  5. Junta style approach to governance in coalition with secret and underground clique members of dubious religious and political background with suspicious national and international connections, The Infamous Damul Jadiid.
  6. Suspicious relationships with foreign entities, persons and states at expenses of Somali sovereignty and vital national interests.
  7. Naked violation of the Constitution by acting both as the Head of State and Head of Government. There were no government job descriptions for President Hassan Sh. Mohamud. The three branches of government had lost meaning and significance in the Republic. The abysmal situation had finally ended up in the arbitrary creation of an illegal super-body called “Madasha Qaran”, an outlaw that had taken away for itself all powers of government
  8. Most importantly, President Hassan failed to listen to the concerns of the people on his leadership.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud wasn’t all negative though. He is polite, polished and always smiles, which indicate that he may have a lot of sense of humour. He also seemed that he enjoyed his job amid tremendous challenges. On the opposite, President Formaggio looks like not needing to smile since his popularity among Somalis sky-rocketed for the time being.

These are bitter experiences for the New Formaggio Presidency, the New Cabinet and future Somali administrations to pick up very quickly in order to avoid the President’s self-inflicted fatal wounds. I wish the New Government good luck and hard work! Congratulations on the election victory!

Ismail Warsame

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Congratulations to the President-Elect, H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Formaggio, on his recent land-slide victory in the joint session of the People’s House and Senate of the Federal Parliament. The role of the Coalition for Change in that election victory is highly commendable too. The election victory has sparked off a rare phenomenon of patriotism reminiscent of the good old days of “Somalismo” and national pride.

These popular enthusiastic reactions will not last long as there are no quick fixes for the tremendous challenges this nation faces. The first business item on the plate of the new government is management of people’s expectations, revisiting campaign promises and re-explaining realistic time-frame before people see movement towards realization of their aspirations for peace, security and delivery of decent public services.

There are many seemingly insurmountable challenges the new government has to tackle with. All Presidential candidates in 2016-2017 election campaign acknowledged and enumerated the national tasks ahead. I would like to say a few words about some of these national goals, leaving others out as they are straight forward problems that require conventional wisdom and traditional good governance approach.

  1. Post Civil War Somalia could not move forward without proper national reconciliation. I believe it is priority number one as the future governance system heavily depends on the outcome of that critical national reconciliation.
  1. Another top priority, if not the first as well, is national and public security. Exit strategy for foreign troops out of Somalia depends on that priority. Forming credible national security forces is sine non qua for Somalia to be a stable country.
  1. Reclaiming Somalia’s national sovereignty and securing its borders is among the top priorities. It depends on the preceding point (2). Somalia has been losing its sovereignty over land, air and sea during the course of three decades. Reclaiming that sovereignty is the single most important challenge this nation is confronted with now. In this regard, re-defining the role and Somalia’s relations with the giant enterprise of international organizations and other non-state actors created to fill in the power vacuum after the collapse of Somali state in 1991, and whose bases of operations are in neighbouring countries is also among the pressing challenges for the new Somalia’s government to regulate them effectively. It is a huge industry that will resist any reform to avoid losing its grip on Somalia.
  1. Regional cooperation. The success of Somalia’s foreign policy  depends absolutely on its relationships and cooperation with neighbouring countries of Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti. The new government will not attract international cooperation and support without securing regional cooperation first and foremost. The explosive popular emotions against some countries contributing to AMISOM during the election campaigns for Presidential Election 2016-2017 cannot be allowed to influence the new foreign policy. Maintaining good neighbourly relations with Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia is not only a top foreign policy priority, but it is in the best vital national interest of Somalia now and for ever. This relationship must be built upon mutual respect, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs and beneficial regional cooperation in all areas possible, including economic integration and environmental protection. It is noteworthy to mention the recent CDRC publication, Vol 2 No.1 (January 2017) on the topic “the Commotion Surrounding Somalia’s Transition” was counter-productive, if not harmful to Ethio-Somali relations. I may also add that there are some Ethiopian officials who have become a liability now to the relations between Somalia and Ethiopia. Such actors within the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry and intelligence services elite are the reasons for the rare popular anger against Ethiopia in Somalia. Unfortunately, such situation is not conducive to an atmosphere of mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of the others. Ethiopia should abandon its policy on Somali clan politics in order to avoid exposing its own internal nationalities and ethnic problems, a situation dangerously more explosive and complex than the composition of a uniquely homogenous Somali sub-clan system.
  1. In Conclusion, a simple truth is needed to be re-iterated: Everybody in the new government must know their job description within the Federal constitution and laws of the land. Unfortunately, it has not been so simple and the case for the previous Somali administrations.

Ismail H. Warsame

Cabinet Reshuffle by Trudeau expected

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to give his year-old cabinet a facelift on Tuesday, shifting some weak ministers and promoting strong performers as his government braces for Donald Trump’s imminent ascension to the U.S. presidency. Sources tell The Canadian Press that the shuffle will involve at least six people. Those expected to be moved…

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Puntland Diaspora Forum

Toronto, Canada, 24 -25 December, 2016


Madaxda Dawladda
Ururadda Bulshada
Qurbajoogta Puntland


Burburkii ku yimid dawladnimadii iyo madaxbannaanidii qaranka Soomaaliyeed shan iyo labaatan sano ka hore waa masiibo qaran oo dhaawac baaxad weyn u geystey aayaha ummadda Soomaaliyeed. Waxaa dhammaan dalka hareereeyey hoggaan xumo, amni darro, midnimo iyo horumar la’aan saameeyey jiritaanka iyo nolosha bulshada Soomaaliyeed.
Puntland waxay ahayd deegaan nabad ah oo lagu soo hirto oo ay ku midoobeen dad walaalo ah oo talo wadaag ah, isla markassna leh maamul dawladeed iyo kala danbayn. Waxay ahayd xabagta isku haysa dalka, hormoodna ka ah doonista sidii lagu heli lahaa dawlad dalka u horseedda horumar, xasillooni, kala danbayn iyo midnimo.
Waxaa maanta Puntland ku habsaday dhibaatooyin ay ka mid yihiin hoggaan xumo, colaad iyo abaar, kuwaas oo waxyeello culus gaarsiiyey xasilloonidii iyo dhaqaalihii dalka. Waxaa dhabar-jab ku yimid hankii iyo rajadii ay bulshada reer Puntland u qabeen dowladda Puntland. Qodobbada ay bulshoweynta reer Puntland – dal iyo dibedba – ku dhalliilayaan dowladdooda waxaa ka mid ah:
 Xukuumadda Puntland oo ka gaabisay daryeelkii iyo adeegyadii bulsho ee laga filayay.
 Xukuumadda oo ka gaabisay soo celinta degaannada maqan.
 Xukuumadda oo ku tumatay xuquuqo aasaasiga ah oo dastuurka Puntland ku qeexan sida:
Xorriyadda fikirka muwaadinka.

Xuquuqda iyo madaxbannaanida warbaahinta xorta ah oo ciriiri la geliyay.

Dawladda oo ka caga jiidaysa fulinta hannaanka dimoqoraadiyaynta iyo axsaabta badan oo dalka gaarsiin lahaa doorasho hal-qof-hal-cod ah.

Waxaa xusid mudan in caga jiidka xukuumaddu sababay is-casilaadii Wasiirkii Wasaarada Dastuurka iyo Dimoqraadiyaynta Puntland, Marwo Sahra Saciid Nuur, iyo Guddoomiyihii Guddiga Doorashooyinka, Mudane Axmed Maxamed Cali Axmed ( Axmed Kismaayo).
1.  Baarlamaanka Puntland oo ku milmay xukuumadda, lumiyeyna waajibaadkiisii ku aadanaa isudheellitirkahay’adaha dawladda, sida la xisaabtanka iyo kormeerka xukuumadda, ansixinta heshiisyada, iyo max la mid ah
2. Maamul xumo soo wajahday agaasinka iyo kobcinta dhaqaalaha dalka, iyo musuqmaasuq lagu eedeenayo qaar ka mid ah hay’adaha dawladda, oo ilaa iyo hadda aad mooddid in aan wax laga qaban.
3. Dowladda oo lagu eedeeyay lacag sharci darro ah oo ay soo daabacatay taas oo abuurtay sicir barar saameeyey dhaqaalihii dalka iyo nolol maalmeedkii bulshada.
4. Mas’uuliyiintii dowladda oo iyagoo laga sugayo xalka dhibaatooyinka kor xusan, u dhoofa safarro shaqo oo joogta ah, oo aan miro dhal muuqda ahayn.
Haddaba, annaga oo ka duulayna dareenkaas ay qabaan bulshaweynta reer Puntland (dal iyo dibadba), ayaa Golaha Qurbajoogta Puntland (Puntland Diaspora Forum (PDF)) shir isugu yeeray aqoonyahanno iyo indheergarad rag iyo haweenba leh oo ka socda Jaaliyadaha Qurbajoogta Puntland. Kulankaasi oo socday labo maalmood wuxuu ka dhacay magaalada Toronto, Canada, taariikhdu markay ahayd 24-25 Disember, 2016.
Kulankaasi waxaa diiradda lagu saaray afar qodob oo khuseeya guud ahaan Soomaaliya iyo gaar ahaan Puntland, sida:
1. Jiritaanka iyo midnimada Puntland.
2. Hannaanka Dimoqraadiyaynta iyo sidii Puntland loo gaarsiin lahaa siyaasad ku salaysan axsaab badan iyo doorasho hal qof iyo hal cod.3
3. Geeddi-socodka iyo aayaha hannaanka federaalka Soomaaliya.
4. Doorashada federaalka 2016.
Dood iyo falanqayn dheer oo ku aaddan arrimaha kor ku xusan ka dib, waxay mas’uuliyiintii kulanka ka qaybgalay soo saareen baaqa hoos ku xusan:


Waxaa muddo dheer socdey colaad iyo weerarro qorshaysan oo lagu wiiqayo jiritaanka, midnimada, xasilloonida iyo horumarka Puntland. Haddaba, si loo badbaadiyo jiritaanka iyo midnimada Puntland, kulanka Qurbajoogta Puntland wuxuu soo jeedinayaa:
1. In dowladda iyo baarlmaanka Puntland gutaan waajibkooda dastuuriga ah ee ku aaddan:
a. Ilaalinta midnimada Puntland.
b. Soo celinta degaannada maqan.
c. Difaaca iyo ilaalinta xuduudaha deegaannada Puntland.
d. Dhismaha, abaabulka, tababarka, tayaynta iyo daryeelka qaybaha kala duwan ee ciidanka iyo laamaha amniga.
e. Midaynta iyo difaaca Gaalkacyo.
f. Midnimada, isku-xirraanta iyo wadajirka shacabka reer Puntland.
g. Dhismaha, hirgelinta iyo horumarinta haykalka dawladnimo iyo maamul wanaagga.
h. U hoggaansanaanta dastuurrada Puntland iyo Federaalka.
i. Ilaalinta iyo horumarinta haybadda iyo culayska siyaasadeed ee Puntland.
2. In sida ugu dhakhsaha badan loo qabto shir-weyneay isugu yimaadaan dhammaan beelaha dega Puntland iyo qaybahooda kala duwan ee bulshada, si ay uga wada tashadaan adkaynta jiritaanka, midnimada iyo xasilloonida Puntland, isla markaasna laga wada hadlo lagana heshiiyo wixii tabasho ah ee jira.
3. In baarlamaanka Puntland lagula xisaabtamo gudashada waajibaadkiisa dastuuriga ah sida kormeerka waxqabadka xukuumadda, ansixinta iyo dhaqan gelinta heshiisyada ka soo baxa wadaxaajoodka Puntland iyo dawladaha/ururrada kale.
4. In dowladda Puntland ilaaliso dhaqaalaha dalka, kana hortagto musuqmaasuqa, lunsashada iyo ku takrifalka hantida dalka. In shacabka iyo laamaha kala duwan ee amnigu iska kaashadaan sugidda iyo ilaalinta amniga iyo xoojinta nabadgelyada.
5. In qurbajoogta Puntland meelay joogaanba u istaagaan oo kaalin libaax ka qaataan badbaadinta Puntland.


Puntland waxay weli ku socotaa hannaankii hab-beeleedka ee lagu aasaasay, kaas oo keenay iska hor imaadyo dhacay marar badan oo ay taagnaayeen isbedel siyaasadeed oo ka dhaca Puntland. Haddaba, si looga guuro hab-beeleedkaas, waxaa lama huraan ah in la hirgeliyo hannaanka dimoqraadiga ee axsaabta badan, kaas oo u horseedi doona doorasho ku salaysan hal-qof-hal-cod.
Waxaa xusid mudan in geeddi socodka hannaanka axsaabta badan ay dawladdii hore wax badan ka qabatay – walow aysan dhammaystirin – sida:
 Dastuurka dalka lagu xusan hanaankaas isaga ah
 Baarlamaanka Puntland oo ansaxiyay xeerkii lagu dhaqi kahaa nidaamka axsaabta badan.
 Guddigii doorashooyinka la magacaabay.
Sidaa awgeed, kulanku wuxuu soo jeedinaynaa:
1. In hakadkii galay fulinta iyo hirgelinta hannaanka axsaabta badan laga saaro, lana dhammaystiro hawshii ay dawladdii hore billowday, iyadoo la saxayo wixii ka khaldamay maamulkii hore.
2. In dawladdu fuliso ballanqaadkeedii ahaa inay dalka gaarsiin doonto doorasho hal qof hal cod ah
3. In sida ugu dhakhsaha badan loo billaabo dhammaystirka hannaanka axsaabta badan, si 2019 ay Puntland uga hirgasho doorasho xor ah, kuna salaysan hal qof hal cod.
4. Si looga hortago khilaafaad iyo shaqaaqooyin ka dhasha doorashooyinka waa in dowladda Puntland si degdeg ah u dhistaa maxkamadda dastuuriga ah sida ku xusan dastuurka dalka.
5. Waa in Qurbajoogta Puntland kaalin muuqda ka qaataan wacyigelinta iyo farsamada lagu xaqiijinayo gaarista habka axsaabta badan, khibradda ay u leeyihiin hannaanka axsaabta badan iyo doorashooyinkana la wadaagaan maamulka iyo bulshada rayidka ah ee Puntland.


Dagaalladii sokeeye waxaa laga dhaxlay kala guurka ummaddii Soomaaliyeed, dalkii oo kala go’ay, dawladnimadii iyo madaxbannaanidii qaranka Soomaaliyeed oo lumay. Sidaas awgeed, si ummaddii la isugu soo celiyo, dibna loo yagleelo dawlad qaran oo 5
loo dhan yahay, waxaa dan loo arkay in la qaato hannaanka federaaliga ah, kaas oo maamul goboleedyada siinaya awood ay danahooda ku maamushaan.
Nasiib darro, dawladda wakhtigeedii dhammaaday waxay ku xad-gudubtey dastuurkii dalka. Xad-gudubyadaas waxaa ka mid ah:
1. Isku dayga burburinta hannaanka federaalka ah ee lagu soo doortay,
2. Laalista awooddii Baarlamaanka Federaalka iyadoo abuurtay waxa loogu yeero “Madasha Qaranka” oo sharci darro ah,
3. Beddelaadda qodobbo badan oo dastuurka ka mid ah iyada oo aan cidna kala tashan,
4. La dagaallanka iyo hor istaagga dhismaha hay’adihii dawladda sida garsoorka,
5. Abuurista maamullo aan buuxin shuruudihii dastuurku u qeexay samaynta dawlad goboleeyada, kuwaas oo laga dhaxlay colaado, burbur iyo barakac hor leh,
6. Laaluush iyo musuqmaasuq baahsan iyo iyadoo hantidii qaranka u adeegsatey inay ku iibsato xildhibaannada labada aqal,
7. Dalka oo ay gelisey qalalaase siyaasadeed kaas oo keenay in ayan dalka maanta ka jirin dawlad sharci ah.
Waxyaabihii ay ka gaabisay dawladdii federaalka ee wakhtigeedu dhammaaday waxaa ka mid ah:
1. Dib uheshiisiin qaran oo waafi ah,
2. U hoggaasanaanta iyo dhowridda isu dheelitirka awooodaha hay’adaha dawladda ah (xukuumadda, baarlamaanka iyo garsoorka).
3. Inay u caddaalad samayso, dhexdhexaadna ka ahaato arrimaha maamullada iyo deegaannada dalka.

Qurbajoogta reer Puntland waxay rumaysan yihiin in:
1. Jiritaanka, midnimada iyo xudduudaha Puntland yihiin kuwo aan lagu xad-gudbi karin, dhulka maqanna la soo celiyo.
2. Gaalkacyo ka tirsan tahay dhulka Puntland, maamulkeeduna hoos yimaado dawladda Puntland, cid kasta oo Soomaaliyeedna ay u furantahay inay ku noolaan karaan.
3. Ciidammo reer Puntland ahayn (Federaal iyo Shisheeyeba) aan la keeni karin Gaalkacyo iyo gobollada Puntland.
4. Baarlamaanka Puntland guto xilkii loo igmaday, waajibna tahay in uu dib u eego, kana doodo ansixinta dhammaan heshiisyada xukuumadda Puntland la gasho shariikadaha ururrada iyo dawladaha.
5. Dib u heshiisiin lagu kaabayo laguna turxaan bixinayo midnimada, wadajirka, iskaashiga iyo wada shaqaynta bulshada reer Puntland, dibad iyo gudaba, ay tahay laga maarmaan.
6. Habkii loo maray doorashada dadban uu ahaa mid aan waafaqsanayn dastuurka dalka; haddii aan sixin markinkeedana, rajada laga qabo in wax wanaagsan ka soo baxaanna ay yartahay.

puntlanddiaspora@gmail.com info@puntlanddiaspora.org


I am not your leader to warrant this message. Obviously, I am not an important person in your lives either. I am just an ordinary Somali, who is worried as you are about the state of affairs of our country. I, however, strongly believe that every Somali person is important to make a difference in putting Somalia back on its feet again. As a student of Somali history and politics, I simply want to share my heart-breaking feeling and pain you too are experiencing with the uncertainties and worries about the destiny of our country.

Many of us are not aware of the urgency of the matter. There are reasons for this civic passivity:

  1. The bulk of our population is young and politically unconscious
  2. The old guard involved in the Civil War is still alive and active in Somali politics. They are trying to maintain the status quo to avoid accountability for their role and actions.
  3. Corruption, illegalities and tax evasion play a major part in maintaining the status of doing business as usual.
  4. Religious distortion as a tool for mayhem and meaningless maiming of the innocent and indiscriminate destruction of all is the new evil and everyday act of the biggest Satan in Somalia nowadays.
  5. Failure to locate and elect competent, corruption-free and visionary leaders is the core problem and single most important obstacle to restore and re-construct Somalia as a viable state again.
  6. The vicious cycle of donor aid dependency exacerbates the national despair that put the survival of Somalia as an independent country into a never ceasing question.
  7. Many of us have forgotten already what does it mean to be a foreign-occupied Capital City. Shame!

This year, 2017, starts with a prayer to Allah, hope for Somalia’s recovery and a beginning of a process of national reconnaissance. The New House of People and the Chamber of Federation have historic challenges and daunting responsibilities to break away from the recent past in Somali chaotic mismanagement of national affairs, mal-administration and misrule.

Hopeful of Allah’s mercy for Somalia and confident that people’s prayers will be answered positively, I send a message of goodwill to all.

Ismail Warsame

Email: ismailwarsame@gmail.com

Twitter: @ismailwarsame


Jiiftan waxaa curiyey Siyaasiga iyo qoraaga Ismaaciil Xaaji warsame. Waa maanso tiiraanyo, calaacal, iyo baroor diiq intaba isuug jirta. Waa baaq u dadkiisa kula hadlayo, haddii ay jiraan dhego maqlaya oo u dhego nugul dhambaalkiisa iyo baaqiisa. Horaa loo yiri “Miidaamo Dhego  ma leh, haddii Malag dhawaaqayo”. Maansadu waxay soo baaxday bishan Dec. 19da, 2016 waxayna leedahay sidan;

Waryaa maqlaaya dhawaaqa
Ka Yeeri dalkoo dhan!
Waryaa maqlaaya baroorta
Dhallaankiyo iyo maxasta!
Waryaa maqlaaya musuqa
Dalkoo dhan maruugey!
Waryaa maqlaaya macaashka
Wakiillo mutaystay!
Waryaa maqlaaya
Mowdka macnaba Beelay!
Waryaa maqlaaya Siyaasi
Maal  Dabajooga!
Waryaa maqlaaya maamul
Meherediisa Aan Aqoon!
Waryaa maqlaaya Soomaali
Maamuuskii ka Hallaabay
Waryaa maqlaaya muusanowga
Ka yeeray dadkoo idil
Waryaa maqlaaya Mowdka
Abaarta miyiga halakeeyey !
Waryaa maqlaaya soodinla’aanta
Saameesay dhulkeenna!
Waryaa Maqlaaya
Digashada Nacabkeenna
Waryaa Maqlaaya Sawaxanka  Soomaali
Saameeyey Aduunka.

Waryaa maqlaaya Soomaali
Silicdoo Saxariirtay!
Waryaa maqlaaya waarey dalkeenna
Iyo muusanowga agoonta!
Waryaa maqlaaya Carruurta
Maxbuuska shisheeye!

Waryaa maqlaaya
Marwooyinka wareeray!
Waryaa Maqlaaya
Soomaalida  meehanawday
War miyaadan arkayn
Maararowga Siyaaso dalkeenna
Waryaa mudannoo maanta loo
Irkadaa Eebbana loo Mahadshaa!